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What we do

  • We operate a relatively new but highly secure and robust stake pool on the Cardano blockchain called Eclipse Stake Pool (ticker ECL).

  • We contribute 25% of the pool's revenue into a schorlaship fund that will go towards paying the cost of tuition fees for needy children. The target goal for 2021 is a total donation of USD 1,500.

  • As an operator and part of the first Plutus pioneers cohort we are actively building Plutus smart contracts in an effort to contribute to the decentralized finance ecosystem.

A helping hand
for a needy child.


Raised: $135

Target: $500

Moses Mutisya

Moses is a bright student who aspires to become a doctor one day. His parents are currently unable raise fees as he transitions to high school.

Eclipse Stake Pool has pledged $500 to cover his tuition fee for a full academic year.

School: St. Stephen Catholic Primary School

Age: 14 yrs