Welcome to the Eclipse Stake Pool

Who are we?

Eclipse Stake Pool is run by two battle tested (⚔️) software engineers and one community organizer.

Between us, we have technical skills covering DevOps, DevSec, Front-end & Back-end engineering. Our back-end engineer is currently going through the first Plutus pioneers program as one among the 1,500 engineers that were selected for the first cohort. We are proud to be a part of the plutus pioneers program and we can't wait to contribute to the dApps ecosystem on Cardano.

We come from different walks in life with the common bond being that we all live in Africa. We can relate to the challenges that Cardano seeks to address in Africa and with the arrival of the Alonzo Era, we hope to play our part in making Cardano a huge success.

Our Mission.

The operators of Eclipse Stake Pool are committed to giving back to the community and as such we have dedicated part of our personal income to paying tuition fees for needy children. As our stake pool grows, we will set aside 25% of the stake pool's revenue and donate the portion onto our schorlaship fund. Please consider delegating your ADA to our stake pool, as they say, it takes a village to raise a child... our Cardano community is a global village and what better way than staking your ADA to support needy children while earning an interest.

Why is our stake pool pledge low? Well, at the moment we have to fund the pledge while contributing to the scholarship fund. Nonetheless, we understand the impact of the pledge and the commitment it shows as a stake pool operator; and so, we are in the process of raising funds to increase the amount. While it is still early days for the stake pool, and we are yet to earn rewards, we are seeking delegators who share our mission to join us to not only lend a hand to the needy but also play a part in supporting the Cardano blockchain.

Eclipse Stake Pool has put in place adequate measures to ensure that its nodes are secure, highly available, scalable and distributed accross three continents from North America, Europe to Africa. These measures ensure that current and future delegators will maximize the yield and the overall Cardano network will be more decentralized.

We understand the impact that Cardano smart contracts can have on our socio-economic structures and as part of the Plutus pioneers program we are eager to usher in the Alonzo era and build solutions that will solve real world problems.

We commit to be a single pool owner.

Spread the love,
support purpose pools.

Visit the cardano community wiki for more information.

How to delegate to Eclipse.

You become one of our stake pool delegators when you stake your ADA with the Eclipse Stake Pool. You do not need to send any of your ADA to a stake pool in order to be a delegator. Simply search for our pool (ECL) on Daedulus or Yoroi wallet and delegate with us. Delegation is completely secure as your currency never leaves your wallet and you have total control of your crypto, while on the other hand, the stake pool you are delegating to will never have control of your currency.

Follow these steps to delegate with us:

  • Open a wallet on one of the Cardano's official wallets Apps; Daedulus or Yoroi.
  • Buy and/or Transfer your ADA from a crypto exchange into your wallet.
  • On Daedulus or Yoroi search for ECL and delegate with us.