Welcome to the Eclipse Stake Pool

How to delegate to Eclipse.

You become one of our stake pool delegators when you stake your ADA with the Eclipse Stake Pool. You do not need to send any of your ADA to a stake pool in order to be a delegator. Simply search for our pool (ECL) on Daedulus or Yoroi wallet and delegate with us. Delegation is completely secure as your currency never leaves your wallet and you have total control of your crypto, while on the other hand, the stake pool you are delegating to will never have control of your currency.

Follow these steps to delegate with us:

  • Open a wallet on one of the Cardano's official wallets Apps; Daedulus or Yoroi.
  • Buy and/or Transfer your ADA from a crypto exchange into your wallet.
  • On Daedulus or Yoroi search for ECL and delegate with us.